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What is alumina used for

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Alumina buildings
Heat resistance: alumina can be used in oxidation as well as reduction atmospheres up to 1650°& deg; C( 2900 & deg; F )and also in vacuum environments up to 2000°& deg; C(3600 &
deg; F). Wear resistance: alumina is a very difficult ceramic with excellent wear resistance. It is a perfect selection for wear-resistant inserts or products.
Electric insulators: alumina is commonly used as heat electric insulators, especially for greater pureness qualities that offer far better resistivity.
Chemical resistance: alumina has great resistance to solid acids and bases at heat, so it is an ideal option for applications that require to stand up to harsh substances.
High solidity.
Wear resistance.
High compressive toughness.
High mechanical stamina.
Withstand strong acid as well as antacids at heat.
Outstanding electric insulation efficiency.
Excellent thermal conductivity.

What are the benefits of alumina?
Alumina is a kind of wear-resistant advanced innovation ceramic product, which is typically made use of in numerous industrial applications. It has high hardness and put on resistance, low erosion level, high temperature resistance, rust resistance as well as biological inertia. In addition, it can be extremely polished, making it suitable for precision sealing applications such as pumps and pistons. Alumina has become an exceptional high temperature ceramic product as a result of its heat security. It is the most generally utilized type of sophisticated porcelains with a purity of 95-99.9%.

What is alumina used for?
Alumina is a really tough ceramic with excellent wear resistance. It is a perfect selection for wear-resistant inserts or items. Alumina is frequently made use of as a heat electric insulator, particularly a higher purity grade that provides far better resistivity. Alumina also has excellent resistance to solid acid and alkali at high temperature, so it is an optimal choice for the application of rust immune products.
Some usual applications of alumina include:
Electronic parts and substratums.
High temperature electrical insulator.
High voltage insulator.
Laser tube.
Device components.
Mechanical seal.
Accuracy axles and also axles in high wear environment.
Roller and also ball bearings.
Securing ring.
Semiconductor parts.
Shot peening nozzle.
Thermocouple tube.
Hose pipe head plate.
Shutoff seat.
Used components.
Wires and also conductors.
Ballistic armor

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