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How can Nano Silica change the properties of coatings

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Nano silica has lots of homes that conventional materials do not have. The particle size circulation of nano silica is very slim, most of which are within 100 nm, with numerous micropores as well as huge details surface area. There are not just a great deal of unsaturated residual bonds and hydroxyl teams in different bonding states on its surface, so it has high reaction activity. In regards to optical properties, nano-silica shows high reflection residential or commercial properties to both ultraviolet and noticeable light.

How can Nano Silica alter the residential or commercial properties of finishings?
Modification of Waterborne Coatings
Prior to including: bad water resistance, bad security, high corrosion to equipment, and so on.
After enhancement: improve the rubbing resistance, security, deterioration resistance as well as various other buildings of the coating, as well as can offer it antibacterial, self-cleaning and also other results.

Modification of wall finish
Prior to including: no sunlight resistance, no water resistance, instability, inadequate adhesion, etc.
After enhancement: it can enhance the storage stability, water resistance and also sunlight resistance of the covering, enhance the thixotropy of the finishing, and also properly regulate the spatter, flow hanging and also other sensations in the building.

Adjustment of acrylic material paint
Before including: inadequate mechanical residential or commercial properties, use resistance, solidity, adaptability, and so on.
After enhancement: the mechanical homes, tensile stamina, solidity, scrubbing resistance and also versatility of the film are boosted, the film is a lot more delicate as well as smoother, has a far better finish, and also improves the decorative efficiency.

Alteration of varnish
Prior to addition: the solidity of the movie is not high, the heat resistance is poor, and also it is simple to transform yellow under the action of ultraviolet light.
After enhancement: durable resistance, strong attachment, and also has dampness resistance, dampness resistance, chemical deterioration resistance, and so on Nano Silica Price The cost is affected by
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